Is raising turkeys profitable?

To start your own business in the poultry industry, you must have a minimum knowledge in this area, an appropriate plan, a desire and time. Breeding turkeys as a business is becoming more popular every year and is in the first places for profit and entrepreneurship development in the relevant field. The positive moments are due to the fact that the birds are not demanding with regard to their food, their content, they gain weight quickly, and their meat is in great demand and is a dietary product.

Where to start?

Turkey is rich in iron, protein, meat is low in fat, and business with turkeys should start with the acquisition of young turkeys. The best option would be to buy them in February, so that in the spring the females can lay their female will require five female individuals. The average price of an adult bird is approximately 2,000 rubles, so the family will cost between 10 and 12,000 rubles.

You can start raising birds at home by buying day-old chicks. The cost of one person is about 100 rubles. But in this case, remember to take careful care, maintain a constant temperature (minimum 36 degrees), vaccinate birds, use special high quality feeds. For two years, it is possible to grow an animal weighing up to 30 kg. In addition, turkeys carry eggs, whose energy and nutritional value is higher than that of chicken is better to buy turkey chicks from a breeding farm, choosing healthy chicks from different litters.

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Growing turkeys in enclosed areas

The culture of young animals can be organized in cages. This method will increase the average daily gain in live weight of the bird, while reducing the food intake. But it is not necessary to keep the adults during the whole process of life in the cellular mode.

It is possible to build a house for turkeys at home from blocks of frames that are equipped with a ventilation system and are lifted quickly.such a hangar will be cheaper than building a brick structure.the average price per square meter is around $40.00. Using the calculations, you can find out that a farm for 500 turkeys will cost around $10,000.

Keeping pets in cages involves a high degree of nervousness, therefore, no more than 2 individuals should be placed in one cage.the cells should be equipped with heating systems,drinking troughs, feeders and garbage disposal can buy a factory-made cage or do it yourself at home.

Breeding turkeys outdoors requires a well-heated and well-ventilated room floor, which should be bedded, netted, grooved, or combined The floor itself is made of wood chips or sawdust, which absorbs moisture well, retains heat, and provides excellent cushioning. Chickens in Turkey can eat sawdust for goitre slaughter, so it makes more sense for them to use straw or hay. The litter should be changed at least once a month.

Business Plan

For any business activity, you need a business plan, not an exception, and growing turkeys at home:

  • Counting adult and female turkeys with the distribution of part of the poultry for slaughter and individuals to raise the parent flocks.if there is a place for a bird to walk, it should be planted with cereal grass, which will provide an additional ration in the fall.
  • The plan should include the cost of purchasing a hatchery. Although turkeys with adequate nutrition have high egg-laying rates and are distinguished by the careful care of their offspring, the hatchery will help put the young animal production on the conveyor.
  • If turkeys are provided with regular walking, meals can be arranged twice daily. The turkey is quite frost-resistant, so if there is a well-insulated room, the layout of the house with additional heating may not be included in the plan.
  • In the event that it is not possible to walk the birds at home, captive breeding is permitted, however, it should be remembered that such an approach would be cost effective by adding to the business plan additional costs for trace elements, high quality feed, good lighting.

Food and care

The turkey farming business will be more profitable if it has its own feed home, it is better to grow oats, wheat, legumes, integral part of the poultry diet is chalk and vitamins.good nutrition will allow turkeys to carry normal eggs, gain weight quickly, improve the taste of the meat and enhance the immunity of the pets.

All costs for seeds, vitamins and chalk should be included in the procurement plan initially.

For prevention of disease among turkeys in the home, the following rules should be observed:

  • to protect the bird from moisture and drafts;
  • to quickly change the litter cover;
  • follow the drinkers and feeders, preventing excrements from entering them;
  • avoid feeding poor quality chicks;
  • separate poults from adult animals;
  • to limit communication of birds with wild animals;
  • Avoid stressful situations in the flock.
  • For an effective business, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the existing site plan for walking areas, feeding space and free space, and by changing these areas in places, you can increase the feed yield and profitability of the growing turkeys.

We should not forget about veterinary care. Small farm owners do not need their own veterinarian, it is enough to conclude an agreement with the nearest clinic. Vaccination and timely testing will reduce the incidence of poultry. Since some of the vaccines are free, the cost of veterinary services will not be very high.

Product Sales

Even before you raise turkeys domestically for business, you should develop a plan to sell meat by checking the nearest outlets where you can sell young animals, meat, live poultry. You can sell products in cafes and must first register an individual business and select a tax payment system. The availability of quality certificates will provide an additional opportunity to sell meat at a better price, especially if there are no competitors in the surrounding area.

Reasonable use of available space, a well-designed business plan, adequate product outlets: these factors make it possible to develop turkeys that grow profitably at home and make good, stable profits.

How to start a turkey farming business-Beginner Guide