The price of a small tire shredder is about 6,000 US dollars. As for the price of a large tire shredder, it is impossible to directly give an exact price. Factors such as the machine’s material, output, configuration and output size will affect the final price of the product.

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Tire shredding machine for sale

Tire shredder machine is used to cut tires and rubber into fine pieces or rubber powder mechanical equipment. Due to the steel wire and large volume, the whole tire is difficult to process directly. Therefore, most tire recycling projects require the use of a tire shredder, which can make your tire recycling business run smoothly.

How to Choose Tire Shredding Machine?

Tire Recycling Plant For Granulated or Powdered Rubber

Before buying a tire shredder, you need to consider the following things, such as application, capacity, purpose of the final product, etc.

Application: What materials do you have to deal with? The shredder machine is not only suitable for tires, but also for metal, wood, plastic, etc. For the purpose of pyrolysis, you also need to decide whether to remove the wire or not. Harvest Machinery also provides drawing machine for your choice.

Capacity: How much material do you want to process? In fact, capacity always directly affects cost. If you are using a tire crusher as part of a pyrolysis plant, you can choose according to the size of the pyrolysis machine.

Output: What size do you want after shredding? It depends on what you use the final product for. For example, shredded tyres can be used in different fields, such as stadiums, racetrounds, or as an ingredient in rubber products.

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Advantages of Tire Shredding Machine

  • Tire shredding machine has high safety, durable, compact structure, advanced technical means, low energy consumption, high efficiency features.
  • Tire shredding machine because of the use of open structure, easy maintenance.
  • Tire shredder sold with planetary gear reducer, to ensure smooth and reliable operation, low noise, high safety.
  • The cutting edge of the knife is made of special hard alloy, which is treated with high hardness and wear resistance. Wearing parts can be replaced quickly. It has the advantages of long service life, high efficiency and advanced technology.
  • The circular screen is a kind of steel grid structure with large blank area. It facilitates the classification of qualified recyclable rubber blocks. Moreover, it can also avoid repeated crushing of qualified rubber blocks.

Ways to Dispose of Used Tires

How to Recycle Used Tires

Tire Shreds
Tyre shreds is also known as tire derived aggregate, and fragments are a useful size when transporting used tires because they require less space, thus reducing transportation costs. One of the characteristics of the tire as a recyclable material is its high combustion value. As a result, shredded tyres are often used as a tyre-derived fuel (TDF), for example in cement production, as a supplement to wood in the pulp and paper industry, or as a supplementary fuel for power utilities.

Tire Derived Aggregate, TDA
TDA (depending on size) is a low cost material designed for use in civil engineering applications such as lightweight fillings for dykes or shock absorption under light rail.

Tire Chips or Rubber Mulch
Tire chips can also be used for the same TDF application as tire fragments – the added benefit is that more steel is removed. Rubber shards can also be used for “horsemanship” (i.e. rubber mixed with sand or sawdust and used as the ground for stables or racetracks).

Rubber Granules (Also Called Crumb Rubber)
The size of the rubber granules usually depends on the customer’s requirements, for example, 0.8 to 1.6 mm or 1.6 to 3.2 mm. High quality rubber granules are characterized by low textile content, low steel content and high dimensional consistency. For example, rubber pellets can be used to produce rubber pads and moulded products. It can also be used in sports fields and artificial turf, such as football, golf and track and field. The application of recycled tyres is a practical ecological solution that not only contributes to the balance of the environment, but also meets some needs of the industry, sport, decoration, animal and urban sectors.

Rubber Powder
The rubber powder recovered from waste solid tires has many uses, first in the manufacturing of industrial products. Major tire manufacturers use it in new tire compounds. In addition, rubber powder can also be used in the manufacture of insulation board, seals and shock – proof board. The end use is to mix with bitumen to obtain rubberized bitumen.

Why Tires Should be Recycled and Benefits

Tyre recycling is the most practical and environmentally friendly way to dispose of used tires. Due to their inherent durability, large size, and environmental and health risks, tires are one of the most problematic sources of solid waste. Worldwide, an estimated 2.5 million tires are thrown away each year. With rubber recovery, tires can be given new life.

Economic value: You can sell small pieces of tires directly in the market. Of course, you can also sell fuel oil and rubber powder in the market. Rubber tire crushers play an important role in your tire recovery business. By investing in these projects, you will make great profits.

Eco-friendly: A large number of used tyres are produced on the earth. Simply burning or piling up is a waste of resources. Besides, it will pollute the earth and our life. By cutting tyres into small pieces with a tyre cutter, tons of tyres will have new practical and economic value. At the same time, it also ensures less pollution.

How much is a tire shredder?