Is it worth starting a cleaning business? Do you want to start a floor cleaning company from scratch? or do you need a sample floor cleaning service business plan?

There are several options for entrepreneurs who intend to start a commercial business and one of those options is to become a floor cleaning specialist. Although, most commercial cleaning agencies are dedicated to general cleaning, but there are cases where specialists are called in to help clean the floor, especially if the stain or dirt on the floor is resistant to the normal cleaning process.

If you want to start your own commercial cleaning agency and are afraid of the competition you will face in your area, then you should look into starting a business specializing in cleaning services: floor cleaning.

The floor cleaning business is about cleaning, polishing and maintaining various types of floors and floor elements; floors such as tiles, terrazzo, carpets and wood floors et al. your main business is to make sure that the floor is as clean as it should be; it goes beyond general cleaning. the floor should be shiny at all times and should be free of slips.

Normally, when cleaning companies are contacted for post-construction cleaning, one of the main challenges they face in doing their jobs is making sure that paint stains on the floor, cement stains on the floor and other forms of stains on the floor are completely cleaned – that’s where the floor cleaning specialists come in.

These are the 7 steps you need to follow if you want to start your own floor cleaning business from scratch and then build it to profitability in record time:

Starting a floor cleaning service business plan

1. carry out your feasibility studies

It is the norm for any serious entrepreneur who intends to start a new business to first carry out feasibility studies to obtain information and statistics that will help him make good business decisions. The truth is that you cannot write a good and viable business plan without first carrying out feasibility studies or market surveys, etc.

Your feasibility studies will show you your strengths, your weaknesses, the opportunities available to you and finally your threats, i.e. SWOT analysis. If you can analyse the information and statistics you generated from your feasibility studies properly, you will ensure that you build a very solid and highly profitable business.

2. acquire the required training

Unlike general cleaning, you would need to acquire on-the-job training to obtain the necessary skills and techniques implemented in floor cleaning. There are several cleaning approaches for different types of floors and you can only learn this by undergoing training.

So, before you launch your own floor cleaning business, find someone who is already successful in the business and learn from him or her. You can enter as an intern or unpaid trainee. The bottom line is that you have the opportunity to learn before you launch your own business.

3. write your business plan

Your business plan is a written business document that covers everything about your business. It covers your cum financial budgets, marketing strategy, recruitment strategy, your vision, mission statement and your goal. In short, your business plan is the roadmap or model of your business. Here is a sample cleaning service business plan template that you can use for free

4. register your cleaning business

The fact that the majority of your high-paying clients are from the corporate world means that you should strive to register your business. You can approach the nearest corporate affairs committee office in your area to inquire about the process of registering a new business.

Once you are able to register your business, you can approach the bank to open a corporate account for your business and you can also visit the nearest tax office to obtain your taxpayer identification. These are the basic things you would need to be able to operate your cleaning business legally.

5. rent an office with storage room

If you are looking for an office to rent or lease, you should keep in mind that the office will perform the basic functions; for your administrative work and also enough space to store your cleaning equipment and chemicals. You can talk to your real estate agent to help you secure the ideal office in a good location that serves the purpose for which you are renting or leasing it.

Please note that you will need to check with your local planning authority to ensure that you can obtain a permit for the facility you intend to rent or lease. in most cases, you will be required to apply for and obtain permission from the fire service simply because some of the chemicals you would have in your storage are flammable.

6. purchase necessary floor cleaning equipment and chemical supplies

These are some of the basic equipment you would need to buy if you want to start your own floor cleaning business; you would need a lightweight carper cleaner, a dryer cleaning machine, a hoover / carpet cleaner, a floor polishing machine, mops, brushes and brooms. I would also need the supply of flowing chemicals, floor polishing, instant shine, selden mint, selden seldur, citrus cleaner degreaser, lemon cleaner degreaser, safety floor cleaner, among other cleaning things.

7. source of floor cleaning contracts

There are several business opportunities available for floor cleaning companies. You can also approach building contractors for floor cleaning offers. Most owners of floor cleaning businesses make large profits from post-construction cleaning.

Therefore, be sure to send bids to construction companies and also to offices around you. When looking for floor cleaning bids, you can also launch an official website for your company; advertise your services in print and electronic media and then get referrals from your customers.

If you are ready to work hard and smart, you will surely get good returns on your investment. Just make sure that every time you have the opportunity to work for someone, you do a thorough job that will open up new business.

How to start a floor cleaning service business plan