Have you ever thought of starting a concrete block business? Concrete blocks are used as a base for clay bricks. The product is made with cement and sand used in the construction of walls, building columns and closing gaps and other utilities in construction.

Concrete blocks are used for large scale products with good resistance to be able to withstand time pressures and climate. Another advantage is that their production is more sustainable, since land is not used as a raw material, and instead the primary raw material is sand and cement.

All the technical advantages of concrete bricks nourish their production, which creates opportunities for marketing and exploitation of market opportunities. Therefore, concrete block plants are emerging as a business opportunity in a market that has become very competitive and requires professionalism and mastery of techniques.

Product: Concrete bricks

Concrete bricks have a versatility in production, the resulting brick models, various sizes and even colours. They are divided into bricks with a structural function and no structural function, in functions of elevation walls for room dividers, thermal and acoustic insulation, between other functions.

Already the concrete bricks are divided into sealing blocks and structural blocks. The sealing blocks are intended for closing the openings, the other blocks are decorative or apparent blocks, and the building blocks are used in plumbing, electrical systems and have the function of providing support in

Market for concrete bricks

The production and sale of concrete blocks accompany the construction momentum with the potential demand for brick sales due to the stability of the economy and the generation of construction projects. Another factor driving sales growth is the increase in the number of construction projects, projects and the construction of events such as the 2014 World Cup, in the specific case of Brazil. The market for concrete, as we have seen, offers several opportunities for entrepreneurs, and to compete in this market you need professional and technical competence.

How do I start a concrete block making business?

Investing in a brick or concrete block manufacturing company can provide a very significant return on investment, especially in a country where the construction industry is in full progress. The use of sand, gravel, cement in the manufacturing process of bricks and concrete blocks is done globally in the following way:

  • collecting, crushing, filtering and mixing the raw materials (sand, gravel, cement…)
  • Adjustment, pressing, drying are the following steps.
  • The packaging marks the end of the production.

You should have enough space for the production and drying area, it depends on the type of machine and daily production. The installation plan will be given by the breeze block machine manufacturer.

Prepare a business plan (business plan)

A business plan is a written document that describes your business, its objectives and strategies, the market you are targeting, and the financial projections for your future business. Define the market in which you will operate. Analyze your offer, assess your competitive environment, determine the resources you will need to achieve your objectives. It is very important to understand the business plan which should include your strategy, a marketing plan, an operations plan and a financial plan. To develop it, ask yourself the right questions. A plan helps clarify goals and explains what you want to achieve in your business.

Concrete block machine equipment

The equipment included in a hydraulic press concrete block making machine are:

  • the mixer or kneader
  • belt conveyors
  • the bunker
  • the cement storage silo
  • concrete block making machine
  • concrete block production pallets etc.

The automation system can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Depending on the automation mode, not only the costs can be changed drastically but the labor is also maximized because the manufacturing methods are simple and easy to handle. With today’s technology, our hydraulic machines are capable of producing between 8,000 and 72,000 concrete blocks per day.

Staff training

Staff training is provided by our company’s well-qualified professionals. In addition, the training costs are completely free of charge. Most exporting companies have their own staff training course as well. This allows for even better trained employees and, above all, enables professional and optimal use of the cinder block machine.

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