In addition, it is also an essential item for other cement-based products. Including RCC pipe, PSC rod, prefabricated panels, frames and beams, etc. Stone crusher is a profitable project for new entrepreneurs. The demand for high quality stone chips is increasing day by day.

Stone Crusher Plant Market Opportunity

All construction, whether housing or industrial construction, requires rubble. Macadam is also essential for cement products such as RCC pipes, PSC rods, cement concrete hollow bricks, cement concrete prefabricated slabs, well rings, door and window frames, and road laying. Demand for gravel will continue to grow with the growth of its user industry.

One of the most special and general but most important materials used to make concrete is stone chips. In the production of concrete, these materials are used as fillers and adhesives. Gravel, which accounts for 72-75% of the volume of concrete, has a great influence on the strength of the concrete.

Good quality black stone is the most popular. However, you can set up units based on the availability of raw materials and major commercial centers.

Stone Crusher Plant Machines & Raw Materials

Stone crusher equipment and machinery depends on the stone feed particle size, the required product particle size and the size of the crusher used. The following are general requirements for machinery.

  • Jaw crusher and granulator
  • Conversion kit for converting crushed stone granules
  • Set of hoppers for manual breaking.
  • Rotary screen completes with all fittings.
  • Trollies for carrying crushed material.
  • Belt conveyor with motor
  • Cyclonic dust collector with motor
  • Spare jaws, jigs, fixtures and tools

There are two main types of stone crusher equipment, namely (a) fixed (b) portable or mobile. However, you can build a stationary crusher at the head of the quarry. Mainly on construction sites, you can use a portable crusher. Here, we explain the fixed stone crusher equipment details for you.

The stone is the only raw material for the stone crusher equipment.

Stone Crusher Plant Production Process

First, the large stones are broken artificially into smaller sizes. It is then sent to a stone crusher. The crusher can accept rocks of 175mm size. Stone breaking is a two-stage process. In the first stage, the 175mm stone was crushed to about 50mm.

After that, a conversion kit is installed on the crusher to make its granulation reach 5 ~ 20mm.Then use rotary screen to screen the broken material. Unit position is the main factor of stone crusher equipment enterprise.

Stone Crusher Plant Business Registration & License

  • Register your firm.
  • Obtain a Trade License from the local authority.
  • If you are also conducting mining, then you must follow the statutory norms.
  • Pollution control is an important issue. “Consent to establish” and “consent to operate” were obtained from the National Pollution Control Commission.
  • The stone crusher equipment needs high voltage power. Apply at the local power supply.
  • Apply for GST Registration.

Investment For Stone Crusher Plant

Land and machinery are the main fixed cost investments. Main working capital cost is raw material, manpower, water and electricity. In the project funds, there must be a certain proportion of the funds allocated by the sponsors. The bank can require a mortgage guarantee on the loan line as well.

How do I start a stone crushing business?