The embroidery business has never been an easy task. You have to be a conscientious entrepreneur to survive in this ruthless business world, where people and circumstances can be, and usually are, unpredictable.

You need a determined mindset and great perseverance to succeed, which can be said of all aspects of life, but becomes more than a reality when considered within the field of business. The embroidery business is no exception and requires the same level of commitment and strength, if not more than in other sectors, because competition is no longer limited to the domestic market, as the Internet has become a means for companies to easily reach others without the need to travel far.

How to start the embroidery business?

Before even thinking about starting the business, it is better if one thinks about the why than the how:

  • Why do you want to start an embroidery business?
  • Is it because I need to do something, anything, you have an embroidery machine at home and it is better to use it than to waste it?
  • Any other reason.

It’s not enough motivation, you need something else. You have to be your own judge and decide with reason. Some people want to help the community, provide employment, others see it as an outlet to show their creativity, others can use it as a process of vertical integration in their fashion business…

Whatever the reason, it must be strong enough to maintain a motivation, as you need a strong resolution. Besides, every company has competition, unless it is a perfect monopoly and this is almost impossible for today’s world, so it is essential to decipher what will make you stand out from the rest:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Added value
  • Service

This is something important to solve before thinking about starting the company.

Technical part

Once the why has been solved, it is the perfect time to solve the way to act.

While hand embroidery is still a prevalent art form in the industry, machine embroidery is what is driving the industry forward. Machine embroidery and its process is a language in itself and needs to be learned. It is expected that someone who wants to enter this market will know the inner workings enough to be motivated enough to start the business by himself, but someone without previous knowledge needs to become familiar with the machine embroidery process and to achieve greater efficiency, he needs to learn the art of digitizing or punching as well.

Market analysis

Once the technical part is sufficiently known to progress, it is advisable to extend it to the market and the industry in which the business will be located. Research, more easily accessible secondary data, learn from competitors, what makes them stand out and what the internal mechanisms are. It is even recommended to research potential customers; the owner can start by evaluating his business contacts and then move on from there. Primary research can be done by oneself or a freelance salesperson can be hired to do this process if the person does not have sufficient knowledge to carry it out, however, it is an expensive option and not suitable or affordable for everyone.


First, the physical aspects must be addressed, with the workplace coming first. Is it necessary to hire someone at this early stage, this will depend on the scale and business plan of the business. Next, the most important aspect, the embroidery machines themselves. The market for embroidery machines can be overwhelming at times, as the possibilities are numerous, both new and second-hand.

The software (and format) must be considered, and if someone is planning to buy a used machine, it is advisable to check whether the source software is complete enough for their embroidery needs. Buying a used machine is the least expensive option, but it is only recommended for those who know how to detect the mechanical state of the embroidery machine at the time of purchase, to avoid unnecessary expenses on a machine that does not work well. The best (and most expensive) thing is certainly to buy a new machine. In addition, this way you will receive technical support and training to familiarize yourself with the machine and tools that help you digitize and embroider, which is very important for owners with little or no knowledge. As a new owner you are still learning, so it is better to stock up:

  • Hoops
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Racks of various sizes
  • Embroidery designs

Try to familiarize yourself with the process over and over again and keep doing research to refine the procedure. There are free embroidery designs, but when it comes down to it you will need to outsource the embroidery punching to a company, this is much more cost effective than having your own expert staff working for you every day.

Never rest on your laurels, try to keep improving and increasing your customer base, and you never know, this could lead you to become the next big embroidery giant.

How do I Start an Embroidery Business