1. Make a list of ideas for your fabric store

List what colors and textures your store will offer, where you plan to buy your inventory and what other services you will offer. Many fabric stores also offer sewing classes to attract different types of customers to your store. Some stores also offer special machines or sewing services. Imagine what your business will look like and list everything you want to accomplish.

2. Design a plan to run your business

Include the purpose and mission of your business and what needs you will fulfill within your community by opening a store. Developing a business plan before you open your business will give you a good idea of how much money you will need to operate your new business. Seek out private investors to support your business plan and get you started.

3. Register the name of your new store

This is the name that you will include in the advertising and all correspondence of your business. Also register your domain name online if you want to offer your products on the Internet. Visit the Internal Revenue Service to obtain a tax identification number to use when paying your store taxes. Your state tax office will require your business to have a sales tax identification number if you are conducting business within your state and it requires you to collect sales taxes. You may also need some business licenses and permits for your fabric store.

4. Choose a place

Visit the commercial spaces available in your city and determine where you will open your new fabric store. Make sure you choose a place that attracts the public and has adequate parking and lighting in case you decide to teach at night. Hire a web designer to create an e-commerce website so your store can sell fabrics even when your business is not open.

5. Buy your inventory

Visit the manufacturers you put on your list by brainstorming for your business. Sign up to become a distributor of their products and start buying fabric. Another option available today is to create your own fabric. This will allow you to further customize your store if you can design your own fabrics and print them to sell in your store.

6.Hire reliable employees to help you with your business

Depending on your hours of operation, you’ll want your store to stay open as long as possible so that your customers will buy your products. Since it is impossible to be present in your store all the time, hire some employees you feel are reliable and can help you cut fabric, handle the cash register and answer questions in your business.

7. Promote your fabric store

Start a campaign on social networks by creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln to promote your business to all your friends and family. If they share your store with others on their list, your business name can reach hundreds of people instantly. Create a blog on your website to give users sewing tips. Hold contests in your store for customers to participate. Hold training classes for people who don’t know how to sew and teach them how to use your products. Make connections with others at local events and craft fairs to promote your business.

How to Start an Online Fabric Store