There are pregnant women all over the world, and pregnancy is a wonderful thing. Although the human body was created to still function perfectly during pregnancy, there are some women who experience challenges during pregnancy. These women can feel very uncomfortable and tired after any strenuous activity, while some women are fine throughout their pregnancy. Those who suffer from pregnancy disorders may have no choice but to quit their day job and take maternity leave. Others may have to quit their jobs on the advice of their doctor because they are at high risk of pregnancy or have other symptoms that need to be slowed down. However, being pregnant and taking maternity leave does not automatically restrict you from doing nothing in your world.

As a pregnant woman, you still need regular physical activity to keep yourself and your baby healthy, and of course, some money to take care of yourself. Here are some businesses you can start that won’t stress you out or endanger you or your baby.

20 Small Business Ideas for Pregnant Women

1. jewelry making: you can learn to make earrings, necklaces, beads, rings, headphones, etc. at home and supply them to a nearby jewelry store or sell them online.

2. Sewing: if you know how to sew, you can make sheets, pillowcases, quilts, children’s clothing, adult clothing, pet clothing, teddy bears, scarves, beach scarves, etc., and even children’s clothing, which you can sell online, supply to nearby stores, or sell to friends and family.

3. travel agencies. Travel Agency: with a computer and internet access, you can start your own travel agency. You can inch away from your computer to help clients book airline tickets, make hotel reservations, arrange airport transfers, taxi services and meal tickets.

4. web design: as a pregnant woman, it’s okay to design websites for your clients if you already have the necessary skills. Just make sure you always sit comfortably at work.

5. home childcare: working parents always need a place to keep their children at work. You can start a childcare business from your home. Simply mark a corner of your home (it could be a spare room or some space you don’t use) and purchase the necessary supplies you need to start your childcare business. If the cleaning aspect is too stressful for you, you can hire someone to do the cleaning for you.

6. freelance writers: There is no pressure to write. All you need are skills, a computer and an internet connection. You can easily find work on freelance websites like Odesk, Elance or Freelancer.

7. family tutoring: you can also start a family tutoring service so that your child can come and improve their difficult subjects at school. You can also teach people how to play an instrument, how to bake, how to cook, or any skill that you are good at and feel people would be interested in learning.

8. Making and selling crafts: There are lots of things you can learn to make and sell. You can make candles, soap, pesticides, sponges, towels, and all sorts of other items. Just be very careful and protect yourself if you will be working with chemicals.

9. video blogging: you can also talk about your pregnancy journey and teach other women what to expect, what to eat or what to avoid during pregnancy. You can easily do this through video blogging.

10. Vending machines: vending machine business requires minimal supervision and the good news is that you can use your vending machine to sell almost anything. You can buy a new machine or search the internet for a good, used one and then find a good, high traffic space to put your vending machine in and it is; start selling and making money. You just need to go and restock it regularly.

11. online store: another great business that a pregnant woman can start without any stress is an online store. You can sell anything in your online store. You can even use direct shipping services, so you don’t have to go through any of the stress associated with buying and delivery.

12. selling virtual products: you can sell virtual products such as eBooks, movies, music or motivational CDs on the internet.

13. data entry: another fun and less stressful job you can do from home as a pregnant woman is data entry. Data entry jobs abound on the internet and it’s not hard for you to find one.

14. business plan/proposal writer: You can also make money by helping others write business plans and proposals.

15. multi-level marketing: Multi-level marketing is another smart business idea for pregnant women. You can easily get people to sponsor you or join your team by using online marketing tools.

16. real estate agent: you can also become a real estate agent and travel to your area to find new construction sites or property developers who need to rent out your property and then find marketers who are looking for similar properties. You can earn a lot of commission doing this.

17. gift delivery: another business idea is to start a gift delivery business in your area. You can start a flower delivery business.

18. baking: bake your cakes and offer them to shops and supermarkets near you, or get contracts from party hosts to provide cakes for your parties.

20. catering: if you have great cooking skills, now is the time to make money from it. You can start a catering business and provide services to corporate outlets such as restaurants and fast food, luncheon meals, party catering and more.

All in all, pregnancy is a great time to use your skills and talents to make money for yourself. The most important thing is to eat well, rest when necessary, and don’t miss your prenatal appointments.

Easy Small Business Ideas for Pregnant Women