Starting with tyre recycling

It is no secret that environmental pollution is no longer a taboo or something that we must deal with in the future, but a situation that is already here and the effects that are gradually beginning to become evident are beginning to touch us in different and diverse ways.

Tyres are one of the elements that contain the most polluting agents, and it is now possible to start a business with them and also contribute to reducing the effects on pollution that can affect the world and life in it.

Current handling of tyres

Nowadays there are landfills, which store and accumulate large quantities of tyres that have finished their useful life and are quickly disposed of, this is because they can set fire to them and this is certainly too difficult to completely extinguish, in addition to this, it is one of the most polluting agents for the world. To the same extent, the accumulation of this type of material is prohibited.

On the other hand, referring to the way of business, this type of material, the tyres, have the option of being recycled, fortunately. Tyres can be renewed and even used as a replacement for fossil fuels under a number of regulated conditions. This is an excellent and profitable business alternative, as this type of business is currently in high demand. The aspects you need to understand to start a tyre recycling business are: the handling, proper storage and transportation of the tyres to be discarded.

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Steps to set up a tyre recycling business

In addition to this, it will be necessary for you to take into account the following advice and recommendations that will be key when starting this type of business, given the particular conditions established with which it must comply, but in this same measure, you must remember that it is a business that presents a high productivity and according to a correct operation, it will provide you with performance and better results more and more:

– Concepts and terms of the recycling process

It is necessary that you are aware of the concepts that are handled in this environment, because when you work in this sector, you will meet people who handle terms that are very important to understand in order to improve each procedure. Likewise, knowledge of these terms is part of your business training.

– Conditions and legal aspects

You must have the register that certifies you as an established business by registering your company name, as the authorities make sure that this type of work is carried out by qualified people who deal adequately with this type of element and are therefore registered with the main regulatory bodies. The person in charge of transporting the tyres, in addition to having the knowledge and driving licences, must be responsible for transporting those that are no longer useful in the main areas authorised for this purpose, a clear example of this will be the tyre recycling centres.

– Tyre processes

This type of elements, when going through the recycling process, are subjected to different areas, one of them is the transformation of the tyres into powder, where the rubber is shredded to minimized particles for later use. The tyres that are recycled, are used as fuel in different projects, which include those of civil engineering, can also be converted into asphalt that goes through the process of modification with the help of tools to handle the rubber, mud guards for different means of transport, such as vehicles, sections for tiles, carpets, surfaces for playing fields, among many other recycling options for this type of elements.

– Business plan development

Certainly business plans are absolutely necessary, especially for you, if you are about to enter the commercial world. It is key in the development of this document, to raise all that we are going to need in a tangible way to equip ourselves with what will be substantially necessary.

Mainly you will have to think about a means of transport and the location your business will have. While the specific tools undergo a variation, this is because you must previously determine the type of recycling business you wish to carry out, that is, what you will do with it, however, you have the option of making all possible choices, if this is the case, you will need tools such as belt cutters, shredders and so on.

– Sources of obtaining the material (the tyres)

You can go to the main departments in charge of the management of this type of waste to obtain the tyres, as well as information about them. A key recommendation for you, as you start in this business, will be to establish links and relationships that allow you to receive greater and better amounts of waste.

Disadvantages that may arise: Although it depends on where you are, you may experience a significantly increased demand in relation to the treatment and recycling of tyres and although it is good on the one hand, you must have the ability to receive them and the equipment that allows you to carry out each procedure. It is therefore key that you plan for this situation in the future.

Key: Innovation is a very important point in the recycling processes, because it allows the public to fall in love with everything that can be done with the material and the articles that are recycled, which allows the interest of people to increase. That is why we recommend you to be aware of new creations and to constantly innovate in the production and recycling of these materials for the elaboration of decorative objects but that are substantially useful for people, this will contribute to your growth in the market.

Advantages of having tyre recycling

The rubber products that can be obtained from the recycling of tyres can be very varied, in addition new tyres can be manufactured directly, which stimulates to have an inventory that, can bring you important margins of profit, once obtained the machines for the processing of tyres will be working with raw material that is acquired free of charge.

Tyres are essential for land transport, this implies a repeated use of them, generating waste of worn tyres very regularly, therefore, the business will never run out of raw material for the process.

Tips to start in this business

Execute contracts that allow you to connect with shops that work with tyres or rubber products, the inventory of new tyres can be sold in bulk to the tyre shops that are closer to the consumer, ensuring constant profits, because the more contacts you have the greater the inventory movement of products manufactured from recycled tyres.

To publicize the business, encouraging the consumer to bring their old rubbers to the plant, so that raw material can be captured by all necessary means and continue the production of recycled tyres.

How to start a tire recycling business
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