With a pig breeding business you can start supplying your family’s meat needs, and get your product distributed to restaurants, chain stores, and even entire regions. However, it is a business that should be undertaken with great care because it involves people’s health.

The food industry is one of the most regulated due to its impact on public health, but if you have a way to cover all the requirements to have a pig breeding business, maybe you can be in front of a very prosperous business idea.

1. Things you need to know to open a pig breeding business

Opening a pig breeding business you can do it in almost any place, having the right spaces and the initial money of the investment. The best thing is that, if you do it correctly, you can double and triple your investment very quickly. To ensure the success of your business you must take into account the points that we present below.

2. Preliminary research on pig breeding

No matter if it is a pig breeding business or any other type of enterprise, the first thing you should do is to investigate everything related to the sector so you don’t get a surprise on the way, and don’t put your investment at risk.

3. The right place to raise piglets or pigs

You must get the right place to start raising the pigs. Ideally, it should be a rural, ventilated and low noise place, so that the pigs can be raised with dignity. You must also take into account that they have enough space to grow effectively.

4. Business Plan

Develop a business plan in which you state your mission, vision, objectives, marketing plan and budgets. This is vital for working towards a realistic goal, and can also be useful when applying for any type of loan with banks or cooperatives.

5. Legal Licenses for a Pig Farming Business

To start working, it is necessary that you do it from the legal framework to avoid future setbacks. Apply for the necessary permits for this type of business. Both those related to the constitution of the company, as well as those required for your commercial activity which in this case would be the breeding of pigs.

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6. Purchase of pigs or piglets

After you have your business plan, location and permits, it is time to start working. Get the piglets, you can do it in an animal auction, in pages or institutions dedicated to livestock or in farms that are dedicated to your same business.

The idea is that your piglets are in optimal conditions, so it is necessary that you demand the health and vaccination documents of the animals.

7. Pig feeding and health

When you start the process of raising pigs, you need to offer them the right food for their specific diet, and plenty of water.

It is also necessary that your pigs are raised in fresh and well ventilated environments. In addition, it is vital that the cleaning of the spaces is done every day, in order to keep the habitat in perfect conditions of cleanliness to avoid illnesses and to fulfill the sanitary regulations.

8. Sales scheme for a pig business

This point is vital to know how to open a pig breeding business. The outline has to do with the point in the process that you want to get to.

Traditionally, pig breeding consists of 6 stages, namely Breeding, gestation, farrowing, weaning and nursery, where the pigs resume the process again until they reach the right weight.

The big companies usually take care of all the parts of the process and even get to the slaughter process to sell the meat in different ways.

However, small companies also choose to market small piglets or in their perfect weight, without going through the processes of the slaughterhouse.

You have to analyze very well what is the point you want to reach and its implications.

In general, this is what you should know before embarking on opening a pig breeding business. The biggest benefit is that it is a very profitable business due to the increase in pork consumption.

However, you must keep in mind that it requires a lot of dedication to have optimal results. But in general, any business you want to start will need the greatest commitment.

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How do I Start a Pig Farming Business Tips Guide