University students are one of the fundamental pillars in the future of any country’s economy. Some will finish their studies and be hired by companies that require their skills and knowledge, others will have the opportunity to create their own businesses once they finish their academic training, but what about those who want to undertake with their ideas while still maintaining their status as university students?

For them, there are also possible business ideas and programs that allow them to enter the business world. Because they are improving and expanding their knowledge, they are better able than anyone else to detect, study and devise new services adapted to new technologies and market demands.

Without them the economy would suffer, and we would not have been able to enjoy devices and services that are currently available to us. If we cite some examples, Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), Microsoft (Bill Gates) or Apple (Steve Jobs) are companies that emerged from the minds of young student entrepreneurs, who did not wait to finish their studies to launch their projects to the world.

Many university students already have a project in mind waiting to be executed, and thanks to the tools and opportunities that the web offers, they can start making small investments to develop the idea little by little. This allows them not to risk or compromise the stability of the project, being able to correct mistakes and redirect the sense of the service or product they are going to launch.


Are you good at taking care of children? Being a nanny is the perfect opportunity for a college student looking for a job. Whether it’s babysitting at night or picking them up from school, there will always be someone looking for this service. But this job is a big responsibility, so it is important that you are confident enough to take courses to do it. What you can charge varies depending on your experience, the city where you live, the age of the child and how many would be. Be sure to find out before you do so, as services may include cooking or other more elaborate activities.


You’re probably good at one or more subjects. Whether it’s math or chemistry, you can use your knowledge to make money and teach those who are having trouble with the subject.
There will always be a high demand for tutors at universities and usually the sources that promote those services are usually expensive. So, you know, students who want to be tutors have a lot of options to make it happen, because the same school can help you to be one, and if not, you can do it independently: promote yourself in social networks and teach in the library. If you stand out in a subject, talk to your teacher, maybe he or she can help you get known. Tutors can earn from 100 pesos an hour to much more depending on the subject and the city where you live.

Cleaning and care services

Here the university student will be able to invest a small amount in creating a web space with their services and promote themselves. Offering cleaning services in premises or homes has always been a business, which if managed to get along well, can generate great benefits. The same happens with the elderly care sector, where only a web page or blog is needed to be known in the market.

Pet Care

Taking care of pets in families with little time or who have been away from home is one of the easiest businesses for young students. Although the pay is low, no special skills are required, just time and tolerance to walk the pet.

This type of business applies to those students with very demanding careers that absorb a lot of time and with flexible schedules, for example, medical, law or engineering students. You can promote the services through social networks, via telephone or word of mouth. You are sure to get customers.

Digital Marketing Services

Are you an expert in WordPress or other CMS platforms? Do you understand how SEO works and feel you can launch a killer SEM campaign? Do you have a strong knowledge of social media and a large number of followers on major social networks? Are you an amazing designer or image editor with incredible Photoshop skills? If so, there may be several local businesses, student clubs, or school organizations that could use your services.

Create a tone that highlights your expertise in website creation and social influence. Then, get out and about, and call local stores that have little or no web presence. If you can offer quality at a fraction of the price of larger, established companies, you may be able to establish a marketing agency that can make you cash during and after college. Don’t be afraid to approach your school’s administration or student clubs: they are more likely to take advantage of the services of a fellow student than a stranger.

If you prefer not to interact directly with customers, you might consider affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has become a huge (and rather complicated) industry, but the essence of the system is that you help merchants sell their products to consumers online, and in turn, you get a reduction in their profits. Once you get the hang of it, affiliate marketing can allow you to bring in multiple revenue streams with minimal effort, all from inside your bedroom. To learn more about how affiliate marketing works, check out this article.


If you have the desire to undertake as a student, then you should consider electronic platforms as one of the best options. It is a business idea already known and used by many people. However, it is still profitable and, like the previous options, it does not require a large investment. You could even start with the provision of some service and, when you have an appropriate capital, you can invest it in the purchase and sale of the products needed by the market. For that reason, the competition is demanding nowadays. The number of suppliers is very large and it is rarely possible to attract new purchases. However, perseverance is fundamental to succeed in the activity. So, conduct an online market research to identify what needs the market has and look for what suppliers may be ideal for you.

Developing applications.

Nowadays it is not a requirement to be a computer expert to launch a small startup dedicated to the creation of applications for mobile devices. You will be able to create very interesting tools for the sector of the population that shares your knowledge or works with them. If you do not have a training in programming, you can always learn little by little and count on a partner who masters this field.

Small business ideas for college students