Is quail farming profitable?

The term “quail farming” means that quails are raised commercially (like other poultry) for the purpose of profitable egg and meat production. The quail breeding industry is very simple, profitable and entertaining. The maintenance of quail farms is very easy, because quail is one of the smallest species of poultry. Japanese scientists first domesticated wild quail and revealed a method of raising it as a poultry. Commercial breeding of quail has been greatly promoted in Japan. Now, people all over the world are commercializing quail breeding industry to achieve the purpose of producing meat and eggs.

The quail breeding industry is as profitable as other breeding industries such as chicken, turkey, and duck breeding. Almost all types of weather conditions are suitable for starting a quail breeding business. The meat and eggs of quail are delicious and nutritious, suitable for diabetics. The nutritional value of quail eggs is higher than other poultry eggs. Because the protein, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B1 and B2 content in quail eggs are relatively high. Quail breeding plays a vital role in meeting people’s needs for food and nutrition. Quail breeding business requires a small amount of initial capital and labor. Quail can be raised with other poultry for the production of meat or eggs.

Characteristics of quail

  • Quail is a very small bird.
  • The weight of an adult quail is between 150 and 200 grams, and the weight of an egg is about 7 to 15 grams.
  • The female quail begins to lay eggs within 6 to 7 weeks of age and lays one egg a day continuously.
  • They lay about 300 eggs in the first year after birth. After that, they produced about 150 to 175 eggs in the second year. After the first year of the laying period, egg production gradually decreases.
  • Quail eggs are very suitable for human health. The fat content of quail eggs is 2.47% less than that of eggs. Many people believe that “quail eggs help prevent blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc.”.
  • Quail meat is very delicious and nutritious. The fat content in its meat is very low. Therefore, quail meat is very suitable for people with blood pressure.
  • The eggs are very beautiful and come in many colors.
  • Quail will not incubate eggs. So you have to use an incubator or brood chicks to hatch their eggs.

Quail products

What type of quail products do you want to produce? You can start by raising quail for the purpose of producing eggs or meat. Go to the nearby market to find out which quail products are in high demand and high value. It is a good idea to produce products that are in high demand in the local market.

Because if you can sell your products on the local market, your production process will be easier and more profitable. So make a clear decision about the products you want to produce from your quail breeding business. Under normal circumstances, you can raise quail to produce meat and eggs or operate a breeding business.

  • Raise quail to produce meat. Quail produced from meat is called broiler quail. There are many types of broilers, but broiler chickens are not as popular as layer chickens.
  • Raising quail to lay eggs. Quails that lay eggs regularly are called layer quails. Quails lay eggs almost every day, and they can lay about 300 eggs per year. Although the egg production rate slowed down from the second year. Therefore, commercial quail farmers keep their quails for one year.
  • Quail breeding industry. You can also do quail breeding business and provide day-old chicks or fertilized eggs.

Quail Farming for Beginners

Ministry of Land, Housing and Equipment

The size of the house and land required for a quail breeding project depends on the scale of your breeding. When choosing where to breed quail, you have to balance the need to be close to the market, as well as land costs, labor costs, safety, and good water sources. When you plan to build a quail house, you must choose a site with good drainage and sufficient natural air flow. Proper premises should have proper ventilation and proper lighting. Ventilation is necessary for sufficient air exchange. Light can stimulate quail birds to lay eggs. If you want to lay eggs throughout the year, you need to install adequate lighting in your facility. You should have equipment, including brooders (quail chicks), feeders, drinking fountains and lighting systems. You also need a quail cage, which is the quail bird and layer you will keep mature. If you buy a tier cage as a housing for the quail tier, the tier cage already has ovaries, feeders, drinking fountains, etc.

Choose quail species

There are currently 18 species of quail, which is very suitable for profitable quail breeding business. Among these varieties, some are famous for egg production, and some are popular for meat production. According to its output, there are two types of quail: broiler and layer.


In order to make quail healthy, normal growth and high yield, it is necessary to always provide them with a balanced feed. An adult quail consumes about 20-25 grams of food per day. The protein content of quail feed should account for 27%, and the protein content of adult feed should account for 22-24%. The balanced feed chart for quail is shown below.

Egg production

In order to make your quail achieve the ideal egg production, it is strongly recommended to have enough light. You can use light bulbs or heaters to provide artificial light and heat. You can use 40 to 100 watt bulbs for this purpose. The demand for light and heat varies according to the season.

If you want to reproduce successfully and want to hatch their eggs, then keep one male quail for every five female quails. In order to obtain better egg production, you should choose high-yielding varieties and always keep their houses dry and clean.

Egg production also depends on temperature, feeding, drinking, care and management. In order for the quail to obtain the ideal egg production, light plays a vital role. Let’s talk about the photoperiod of laying quail.


Compared with other poultry and birds, quail diseases are relatively rare. However, if you want to protect quail from various diseases, you must take care and management. Good care and management are necessary conditions for the profitability of quail breeding industry. Generally speaking, they do not provide any disease prevention vaccines.
Young quails cannot tolerate changes in weather and sudden changes in temperature, so they will be affected by diseases. Therefore, if the temperature or weather changes suddenly, they will be affected by diseases. Be very careful during this period.

Management and labor

The number of farm workers you need will depend on the scale of your quail breeding project. If you are running a small business, you and your family may be enough to take care of quail. However, if you raise 5000 quails per cycle, you will need full-time employees to manage these quails. To succeed in business, you need good knowledge of quail breeding techniques. You also need good management skills.


Quail meat and eggs are delicious and rich in nutrients. So quail products already have a mature market. Due to the small size of quail birds and their eggs, they are cheap and can be purchased by all kinds of people. So you don’t have to worry too much about product sales. You can easily sell eggs and meat in the local market. However, it will be better if you determine your marketing strategy before starting this business. Because all parts of the world have different marketing facilities.

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How to Start Quail Farming Business