Aquaculture (tilapia farming, catfish farming, shrimp, shrimp, lobster farming) has so much money to make; if done well. Catfish is a business that can get a high return on investment in a short time if done well.

Catfish farming is a lucrative fish farming business. I have worked with many catfish farmers, and they all had the last laugh.

Fish farming includes two subdivisions, which can be operated individually or integratedly. These two sub-items are seedling raising and growing out of the pond. The nursery operation is the basis of the growing out of the pond, so it cannot be separated from the nursery operation.

Breeding involves inducing female fish to lay eggs, then fertilized, hatched and hatched fish are called fry. These fry will be bred into young fish suitable for fry growth after 3 to 4 weeks.

Nursery and emergence operations are called primary operations. It involves cultivating fry for three to four weeks. Within these three to four weeks, they can grow into young fish, small juveniles and juveniles. At this point, there are 4 to 5 months of cultivation to become a growing or table-sized fish suitable for sale and consumption.

Machine For Making Fish Feed

Floating fish feed machine is the best choice for homemade fish feed and fish farms. With a floating fish feed extruder, you can use cheap local raw materials to produce high-quality feed and reduce feed costs.

Decide on the size of your catfish farm

I`m not sure what your plan is, or who you are, but I believe you must know. For example, if you are an employee and want to do some small business, or you have a little capital, you might decide to use a water tank as your pond and start a small backyard catfish farm. But if you want to make catfish farming a real business, you may want to consider building a cement or earthen catfish pond.

Understand catfish farming’s market in your area

Since your goal is to make a profit, you must investigate the level of demand for catfish in your area. If you plan to set up your catfish farm in other places, you must go to your intended market and do some market research. If you plan to locate your catfish farm in a place other than your environment, you must go to your intended market and do some market research.

Try to find the market price of a common catfish, the level of demand and (maybe) the time of year when the catfish is most sold. One thing is very important, that is, your fish needs a ready market. Market girls, hotels, and restaurants are the target places you should investigate.

Fish is not a durable product that can be stored. They can only be sold as fresh livestock. If you don’t have a ready market, you may be forced to raise a lot of growing fish in your pond. You will still feed them, and they should be sold.

Get the details of the requirements involved

It is good to start a catfish farming business, but it is much better when you know the main and basic things needed for a successful farming business.
Catfish farming is a flexible agricultural basic business, but it requires enough attention and knowledge, so when this business appears in your mind, the first thing you have to do is how to get the best catfish farming training so that you You can’t do something wrong.

To master the necessary knowledge of catfish breeding, you need to know the types of catfish, survival methods, the best breeding facilities, the food suitable for them at each stage, the target market, the sales strategy and other important related matters.

Take care of your feed and water

Catfish are called freshwater animals. Just poor quality water will kill your catfish farming business. The best sources of water are well water and river water. Rainwater and treated tap water are not good for your fish.

You also need to check whether your water is acidic. Acidic water is harmful to fish. To check this, you need to buy a pH meter, read your water and see the acidity.

There is also the question of feed. Your fish must have a good feed. Your feed should contain appropriate nutrients such as lysine, arginine and methionine. Some farmers feed the catfish with local meals.

This idea may be good, but only if these foods contain the nutrients your fish needs. You must remember that as the fish grow, you have to increase your feed, otherwise, you will underfeed them.

Get good breed of healthy Juvenile

To buy juvenile fish from a farm that specializes in supplying juvenile fish, you should choose a high-yielding catfish or tilapia species and make sure you buy it from a healthy farm. Be sure to choose standard juvenile fish instead of buying finger fish. Fingerling refers to catfish populations of 0 to 4 weeks of age, and juveniles refer to populations of 4 to 8 weeks of age.

According to the species you want to raise, stock healthy and high-quality young fish in the pond, and try to find out the related diseases of this kind of fish, and how to control and prevent it.

Starting from juvenile fish, as long as they are provided with high-quality water, they tend to mature into table fish within 2 months. The most important thing is to consider their food sources and management.

Once you start to raise healthy young fish species, provide them with clean and healthy water and adequate feed, the result will be higher than you expected.

Watch out for diseases of catfish

We humans will get sick, and animals will also get sick. Just like you have to take care of your children, in the breeding industry, you must also take care of your animals.

When you observe symptoms such as inactivity, loss of color, broken fins, bloated body, cloudy eyes, open sores, red streaks all over the body, difficulty breathing, redness or inflammation of the skin, you can suspect a bacterial infection.

Parasitic infections may cause the following symptoms: loss of appetite, visible spots or bugs, shortness of breath, scratching, inactivity, excess mucus or film on the body, etc.

Disease is one of your greatest enemies, standing on the success of your catfish farming business, because the outbreak of the disease may cause the loss of the entire catfish farm.

Make sure you spend some time at a catfish farm near you or wherever you have a guide or mentor.

How to Start Catfish Farming Business Plan