The year is almost over and everyone is waiting for the most magical moment: Christmas! For many, it’s time to think about family and reflect on the origin of the date, but many others see it as an opportunity to earn additional income to get a good start next year. If you are one of these, we have set aside for you the 12 best business ideas for making money at Christmas, take a look!

1. Panettone in pot

The first idea to earn money at Christmas is the panettone in pot. The traditional cake is still on the rise and the panettone in pot will surely be a success! Besides being easy to make, it is so charming that everyone wants to take it home as a gift.

Invest in creative flavors such as white chocolate, dulce de leche, oreo and nest milk, in addition to the traditional ones with dried fruits. Decorate with themed fabric pieces and a tag with messages of love.

2. Chocolate trees

A creative and easy to make Christmas option is the truffle or chocolate tree. Besides decorating the table in a unique way it already guarantees the dessert. To do this, you can use an isopor cone and use toothpicks to hold the truffles. Decorate in colors, ribbons, confectionery and packaging to win many customers!

3. Sell Christmas decorations

If you are a creative person, you can set up a stall outside the street and start selling decorative items. You can also sell them on the Internet, in the trunk of your car and in many different ways.

4. Thematic Donuts

Donuts until recently were not so easy to find in Latin America, but with the arrival of chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, this sweet became popular. There are two formats: a traditional one with a hole in the middle that only has the top and a round one that has a filling. A creative way to make money at Christmas is to sell themed donut kits as a dessert.

5. Decoration of houses and Christmas trees

Providing services can be one of the best ideas to earn money at Christmas and among them you can work on decorating houses, creating Christmas trees to sell, providing street decoration services and more.

An important advice for those who bet on this option is to do some outreach even before the Christmas season, because then people will look for you immediately and you will already become a reference in this type of activity.

Then, you can start with good word of mouth in your own neighborhood and also concentrate on spreading the word on the Internet.

6. Make personalized products for Christmas

Making gifts and products that attract attention during this time can be one of the most interesting ideas for making money at Christmas.

That way, you can start making slippers or even buy them ready to personalize and with a printing machine you can make the prints destined to this time of the year. The products can contain different prints or even jobs on demand, where each customer requests a desired type of print.

With the same machine you can earn money making personalized T-shirts that people love to wear on Christmas Eve when they get together with their family. These are fairly simple alternatives, but they can make good money.

7. Work like Santa Claus

That’s right, if you’re looking for creative ideas to make money at Christmas, know that there’s a chance to work as Santa during this time and make good money.

There are people who are already traditional in this type of work and every year are characterized by making people happy.

Generally, there are many companies that hire people for this, since it is a very interesting way to attract customers, especially in stores for children. So, it is another way to make money at Christmas without much investment.

8. Cookie Homes

This option requires a little more skill, especially artistic skill. The idea is to make cookie houses. They will surely be a differential! To make it you need to make the cookies in the shape of a house and assemble them with buttercream or melted chocolate. The rest is just decoration, so it’s creativity. The formats are: one base, two ceilings, two sides, one front and one back:

9. Accommodation for dogs and cats

During the week of Christmas and New Year, many people travel. However, some people travel to places where they cannot bring their pets and have no one to take care of them. So, if you like animals, being available to host the animals during this time is a great opportunity. The idea is to offer a quality service where you have to bathe, walk, pick up and deliver the animal to the client’s residence.

10. Property rentals

If you have a house or apartment on the beach, or a ranch or farm, this is a great opportunity to rent them for the Christmas and New Year’s season, as many people are looking for a property to spend vacations and/or celebrate such dates.

11. Mini Christmas Trees

Make mini Christmas trees to sell to people who have little space in the home for Christmas trees or who don’t have time to buy trees and decorate.

You can make mini Christmas trees with ribbons, ribbon flowers, yo-yos, paper flowers, felt, EVA and even mosaics.

12. Christmas Garlands

To make a profit at Christmas, the ideal is to be creative, to assemble products with innovation and originality, especially when it comes to handmade pieces. People use more and more garlands to decorate the door and the walls of their home every year, this is a good idea that you can definitely do at home to sell. And it doesn’t have to be too expensive materials, you can do it with EVA, cardboard and felt.

12 best business ideas to make money on Christmas