There are sports for all tastes, extreme, aquatic, aeronautical, ball, combat and many more. We are facing a long list of sports available to be practiced by anyone: children, youth, adults and seniors, there is always a place for everyone within the diverse world of sports. So if you are passionate about these, surely it will be your dream to start a venture in this field. That’s why today we bring you a list of 10 innovative sports business ideas with which you can achieve it.

Here we explore the different facets of the sports environment and offer you multiple possibilities to get inspired. And so choose the one that best suits your profile, knowledge, tastes and experience. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Sport is an essential part of human activity, as it brings hundreds of benefits to the body and mind, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life. Many practice it as a hobby while for others it is their profession and lifestyle. Whatever the case, there will always be a demand for services and products related to this field. So if you want to be part of this business world, take note of these sports business ideas.

1. Personal trainer

The so-called personal trainers have become very popular on a global scale during the last few years. The number of people interested in taking care of their appearance and physical health is increasing. Many of them prefer to have personalized training and assistance instead of exercising together or going to a gym. So they hire a personal trainer to guide them according to their specific needs.

This is one of the sports business that has shot up with the boom of mobile devices and with the massive use of digital channels, because besides being able to provide training in person, it is also possible to do it online. This results in greater flexibility and ease of offering training services, as well as lower costs and a wider field of action with greater growth opportunities.

2. Sporting Goods Store

This is a versatile type of business that can work very well either in a physical store or in an online store. It can even be much more effective if both modalities are combined. The idea here is that you market products in great demand such as balls, sports shoes, rackets, tights, soccer boots, swimming glasses, among others. You can also include other innovative products for athletes such as smart or wearable clothing, watches and accessories.

The variety and quantity of items you include in your store’s catalog will depend on your investment budget. Then you can start focusing on a specific market niche and offer products related to a single sport discipline. Then, as your business grows and consolidates, extend your catalog and cover other markets.

The advantage of this business is that you don’t necessarily have to have a physical location to start with. Investing in your own e-commerce website, with an integrated payment system, is enough to get you started. Remember that to decide which will be the catalog of your business, it is important that you make a market study. This is in order to identify which are the most sold products and which are the preferences of your target audience.

3. Renting synthetic soccer fields

Synthetic soccer fields or 5-a-side and 7-a-side soccer fields are especially suitable for this sport. Whether it is in the form of professional training or simply as a space for entertainment for friends and family. It is one of the most popular sports businesses in this list, since in many countries its rental has become almost daily. Although the initial investment of this venture is usually high, maintenance costs are low. So once you have the land, bows, posts, poles and other equipment, management is made easier.

The success of this business depends largely on its location, so make sure you set it up in a central place, near residential and commercial areas. In addition, this area must be safe and easily accessible on foot, by public transport and by private vehicle. In addition to this, something key is to offer additional services to provide a more complete experience to the target audience. For example, food, beverages, bathroom and shower areas, as well as a space for small events.

4. Sports nutrition store

In this sports-related business, the objective is to focus on the sale of supplements, vitamins, burners, proteins, minerals and other products related to sports nutrition. Just like in the sports goods business, you can do it in a physical store or in an online store. The important thing is that you have knowledge and experience in the subject. This way you will be able to make a good selection of the products that will make up your catalog. And, at the same time, be able to offer the most recognized brands in the market and find the best suppliers.

In addition to the products you can offer advice on nutrition and diets. Or you can create a weekly information capsule to talk about the properties of a particular product. This in order to diversify your offer, provide consumers with a more complete experience and attract new customers.

5. Soccer Academy

A soccer academy is another classic sports business on the list, as they have always existed and are maintained from generation to generation. Usually parents enroll their children in these academies to enhance their taste for soccer and train them from a very young age in the field of sports. Here the learning groups are usually categorized by age or, depending on the academy, by skills. This is done in order to plan and manage training sessions more accurately.

This is a type of business that increases its profitability in the vacation seasons, where the children are free from school duties. To start this venture you will need a trained teaching staff. As well as a name, a corporate identity and uniforms.

6. Gym

When it comes to sports business opportunities, we can’t leave gyms out of the picture. One of the most traditional businesses in this field and one of the most demanded until today. Although many people have opted for personal trainers or to buy their own equipment to exercise, even more people prefer to train and exercise in this type of establishment surrounded by other people for the same purpose. When setting up a gym, you should carefully consider variables such as geographic location, the area of the facility, the machines, and the staff. Each one is a fundamental piece in the construction of the success of your business.

Make sure you choose a location close to residential areas, public sports centers and shopping malls. Also, provide your gym with equipment and machines of different levels for beginners, amateurs and professionals. It is recommended that you hire staff with training in different areas such as physical education, bodybuilding, nutrition, etc. This way you will be able to offer integral services and give a more personalized attention to each client depending on their objectives.

7. Adventure tourism agency

Although this is a venture belonging to the tourism sector, it is also part of the business ideas related to sports. These are activities carried out in specific geographic spaces and landscapes in which physical activity and interaction with nature prevails. Therefore, it is common to find extreme sports such as bungee jumping, torrenting, mountain biking, rafting and paragliding. As well as rock climbing, hiking, bungee jumping, parachuting and many more. Adventure tourism is booming, so there are many ordinary people and professional sportsmen looking for this kind of activities.

To set up your own agency you should be aware of and take advice on the legal requirements and regulations. In addition to having all the equipment, permits, certificates and trained personnel to carry out the activities. Whether you start your business in a town or a city, you will surely arouse the interest of residents, tourists and visitors.

8. Nutritional advice for athletes

A balanced and healthy diet is essential to complement physical activity. It contributes to improving health and preventing serious nutritional problems. Therefore, many sportsmen and women look for an expert to advise them on proper nutrition. So if you are a nutritionist or a nutritionist you can take advantage of your knowledge and start your business in the sports field. Here you can set up a small office somewhere in your city, where you can attend to your clients in person. Or also manage it through virtual sessions and promote yourself with a web page.

In order to cover a greater amount of clients and potential clients, you can combine both methods. This will also help you expand beyond your location and even offer advice to people outside the country.

9. Selling sportswear

Sport is a discipline that requires certain clothing and special garments to fit each type of activity. And that, in addition, are resistant, comfortable and stylish. Within sports fashion we can find items such as shoes, T-shirts, hodies, leggings, shorts and sweatshirts, as well as socks, tights, gloves, shin guards, helmets and hats. The variety is enormous and so are the people who buy these products. So this is one of the most profitable sports business with little investment.

Since it is not necessary a physical location, it is enough to set up an online store. Or sell the products on e-commerce platforms such as Dafiti, Mercado Libre or Amazon. Here you can purchase items of recognized brands in the international market and you can also contact local manufacturers. This in order to offer variety in the products, as well as different prices for all types of buyers.

10. Sports Event Photographer

This is one of the newest sports businesses in which you can offer your services to other related businesses. If you are a professional or amateur photographer and have cameras and photo editing software, this may be a very profitable idea for you. You can work as a freelance photographer covering sports events or doing photo shoots for sports academies. You can also link up with a travel agency to include in their packages the photographic record of the activities.

As you gain popularity and your market share grows you can set up your own agency specializing in sports photography. You can offer and promote your services through a website or social networks. The important thing is that you make your work known and use the digital tools to do so. Without a doubt a new business with very little investment。

10 Profitable Sports Business Ideas