Anyone who has a pet (or several) knows that the ties that bind them together are strong and, in most cases, owners do everything to keep their pets happy, healthy and safe. Thus, there is scope and potential to start a small pet-related business and earn some money, particularly if you are a student, part time worker or unemployed. However, the most important characteristic to exercise an activity of these is to like animals.

Now, here are ten business ideas that you can earn money with animals, read on!

1 – Breeding dogs

The first thing you need to understand is that breeding here has nothing to do with being underground, much less with the exploitation of animals, as the latter is evil and illegal.

What we are suggesting here is that you set up a kennel for pedigree dogs, but being responsible, treating the animals with love, attention, and giving them a structure so that they have physical and mental health.

Now, pedigree dogs are usually the most sought after and well paid, since many people prefer that the animal to be acquired be “pure”, that is, not mixed with other types of breeds.

However, the sale of pedigree dogs is not always well seen by some sector of the population, since many are adepts of adoption and depreciate the sale of them. Then it is worth informing that you may find difficulties along your incursion in this business.

2 – Walking dogs

Walking with your own pet is a fairly relaxed activity for many people, but what do you think they do when they don’t have time to do it? Some of these people end up leaving the animals locked up, but many today are looking for a Dog Walker, which is nothing more than a dog walker, and strange as it may seem this type of service is on the market.

Basically his work in this business is summarized in walking other people’s puppies, so he will need to go out with several animals daily, do the traditional walk and take care of these dogs while he is under their control. Therefore, the essential to succeed in this sector is that he really likes to deal with dogs, because every day he will have to be by the side of these animals and if he does not like the area and much less skill, probably his business will not go very far.

3 – Taking care of pets

The pet sitter service is another service that has a lot of potential and is growing in the last few years. It works for any type of domestic animal.

Imagine that the owners need to take a trip or even spend all day outside and cannot take care of their pets, what do they do? Hire someone who can do this for them.

It is a service more used in cases of travel and you only need to stay with the animal in the stipulated period. If you like pets, you will not even consider it a job, because you will have fun and in the end you will earn money.

4 – Training animals

Training is another idea for making money with animals that has great potential and can make you money. Of course, the first step is to become a trainer, so you will have to take several courses and workshops on this.

After that, you can start training with animals you know and start spreading your results mainly on the Internet. With a good divulgation you will get many clients.

5 – Participate in contests with your animals

If your animal has a beautiful coat and posture, or if he is very obedient or even if he does different things, it is very possible that there is a contest out there in which he can not only participate but also win money.

There are people who breed dogs just for that purpose. They take such good care of the animal that they end up developing skills and go on to participate in contests all over the world.

Not to mention the animals that end up being invited to commercials, novels and even movies.

6 – Making ribbons for pets

Ties are cheap products that people usually buy in quantity to keep their pet always well groomed and pretty. By working with different models and colors, you can attract many people and earn a lot of money.

7 – Making beds for pets

Investing in pet products is good business, that’s a fact! Beds are products that people always end up buying, either because the animal grew up, or because it ended up destroying itself…

Working with different sizes, types and styles can draw the attention of people all over the world, making it a good option to sell through the Internet.

It is one of the best ideas to make money with animals, but it is oriented to those who enjoy crafts.

8 – Open a veterinary clinic

Another way to work with animals and earn money is by going a more traditional route: setting up a veterinary clinic.

A veterinary clinic, as its name suggests, is an institution professionally dedicated to providing animal health services.

Although common sense tells us that whoever wants to set up a veterinary clinic should be a veterinarian or, failing that, someone close to finishing their education at the university. But this does not mean that someone who does not have that training cannot set up the business; however, in this case he or she should be associated with a professional doctor who will take responsibility for providing the services.

9 – Setting up a daycare center

If there is one business that is on the rise, especially in big cities, it is doggie daycare; this is because most people work all day and want their animal to spend energy, have fun and socialize.

10 – Opening a pet food store

Just as the human food segment is profitable because it is a basic need, so is the animal segment. Animals need to be fed every day and for that their owners will have to buy food packages several times.

To do this, you need to assess your region, understanding where the business opportunities are and which animals are most common. From there it is easy to define the type of food you should sell in your store.

Finally, you will need good suppliers, a place that is well moved and a clean and very well organized structure.

10 business ideas to make money with pet animals