Entrepreneurship is not easy. Knowing the latest trends and knowing which businesses can have more guarantees of success will help the entrepreneur who, in addition to setting up a company, must be in a process of permanent updating in the face of socio-economic changes. If your idea is to start a business adventure in 2020, we present you 10 investment trends for an independent project that could lead you to success -together with these advices- in this new year that has just begun.

Entrepreneurship is not just about setting up a company, it is a constant process of updating in the face of current socio-economic changes.

Virtual or Augmented Reality: Virtual and Augmented Reality will continue to develop extensively over the next 12 months. Any launch involving their application could become a profitable business proposition for this year.

Technological tourism: The passion for travel does not stop and users, helped by technological advances, will expand their need to know the world in the coming months. Investing in creating mobile applications that make life easier for tourists can be a good business idea.

Big data: Handling large amounts of data and drawing conclusions will allow companies to make better decisions. Any business that helps them interpret the data can be a business guarantee of success.

3D printing: A business related to 3D printing can be very lucrative. Not everyone has the possibility of acquiring this type of technology, so making a store with a 3D printer dedicated to making users’ needs a reality can be the beginning of a successful business for 2020.

Scientific research: The world does not stop and every day new needs arise to create and develop models within the scientific, technological, engineering, medical and other fields. Those who have the capacity to generate and develop these processes will satisfy the demand and create a business around those needs.

Healthy food: Years ago eating well was a fashion, now it has become a necessity for users. Opening a restaurant or creating an app to request healthy food can be the beginning of a successful business career.

Home business: Users have less time every day, so creating a business that helps them in their daily tasks without having to travel can be a good idea. For example, a home laundry, which collects and delivers washed and ironed clothes in a matter of hours, will satisfy many needs.

Hairdressing: Beauty is also a booming sector. Learning this trade opens a path of possibilities and does not require a very high investment. It can be provided at home and not make the user lose time.

E-Commerce: selling products on the Internet is a very profitable business modality. The multiple existing digital platforms make it easy to promote or reach more users. You can market T-shirts with original designs, technological products, low-cost clothing, among others. Although succeeding is not easy, it requires perseverance and planning.

Pet product sales: People will look to spend more and more time with their pets in the future. Manufacturers of pet care, entertainment, and comfort products may find in this need the impetus they need to open an accessory store or become distributors of these products in a given region.

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