The plastic bottle recycling business will serve as an example to give an overview of how this business works.

What does the business consist of?

The business process is simple, basically it is three general steps:

  • Collect kilos and kilos of plastic bottles, also known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.
  • Shred the bottles until small fibres are left.
  • Sell this shredded plastic to companies that specialise in manufacturing plastic products.

Steps for a plastic bottle recycling business

1. Investigate who your customers will be:

In your city there should be a company specialised in creating products based on recycled plastic. You must close a deal with them; that is, become their supplier of raw materials.

What if there is no such specialised company? Bingo! You have just come across a great business opportunity: Create this specialised company yourself.

2. Invest in machinery and winery:

This is a business that requires great economic investment. There are two major expenses:

-Buying a plastic shredding machine. The price can go from one thousand dollars to 10 thousand dollars. This price varies according to the power of the machine among other technical issues that a specialized shop can advise you on.

-Renting a winery: The winery will be the place where your business will operate, where the plastic bottles will be stored and the process of crushing them, packing the resulting product and dispatching the goods will take place. From 300 to 7000 square meters would be good to start.

3. Strategies for collecting plastic bottles:

This is the simplest step but it should be done once you have insured or advanced the two previous steps. Practically all governments spend money on campaigns that encourage the separation of recyclable and organic materials. So you already have much of the work done.

There are two strategies for collecting the bottles:

– Agreements with large establishments: Universities, schools, residential units, sports centres, cultural events and shopping centres. You will be the person in charge of recycling the products in exchange you give them the rubbish cans. Simply ask them what they want in return for their rubbish.

– You pay the recyclers. You save yourself the time it would take to collect kilos and kilos of plastic bottles and in return you pay the people who engage in this activity a price that is worthy of them and at the same time profitable for your business.

What other materials can be recycled and sold?

There are other materials that you can do business with by applying the three steps above:

We invite you to read about other innovative businesses to make money.

Paper recycling business: For this recycling business you should be careful not to mix different types of paper. You can collect the paper from offices, universities and schools. Of course, cardboard is also recycled.

Tyre recycling business: This is a good business but it has two disadvantages. Firstly, it does not have as many outlets as plastic and paper. Second, you may need more space to store your tyres and more powerful shredders.

Recycle computer parts: PC motherboards, laptops, tablets and mobile phones contain quite attractive elements such as silver, aluminum, bronze and in case you didn’t know: the desired and expensive GOLD.

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How to start a plastic bottle recycling business
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