The opportunities for entrepreneurship on the Internet are divided into two models: content development and platform creation. If you are just looking for a way to reach your customers, generate content; if you like programming, design platforms. Here are some ideas!

1. Independent music label

Market the music of the artists who sign with your label. Find talented musicians, support them to record their songs and launch new proposals to the market. Use YouTube or Vimeo as promotional platforms, through music videos that go viral.

The songs will be marketed through online stores such as iTunes and a website of your own, where you can also sell promotional merchandise from the artists. According to press reports, the intermediaries who upload the music to the Apple store charge between 25% and 60% of sales.

2. Physical trainer

Advice for training routines and nutrition plans. Build a website and offer fitness and healthy eating plans, customized to the client’s needs. Once the user has contracted the service you can attend to him personally or remotely, for example, via Skype.

Advertise your page in gyms and social networks. Charge by bank transfer, depending on the number of weeks the users want the service. Exercising is the second action -only after changing their eating habits- that Latin Americans are taking to lose weight.

One option is fitblrs, daily newspapers on platforms such as Tumblr that have a large following and are extremely easy to produce.

3. Virtual Assistant

Remote assistance service for administrative tasks. Get a phone, a computer and an Internet connection to perform from home activities that range from coordinating your clients’ agenda and organizing files, to transcriptions or other support tasks they may require. Maintain close contact through various means of communication.

Charge via bank transfer standard fees for general services, as well as additional fees for specialized tasks.

4. Content blog

Write and market a blog. Create a digital blog and constantly feed it -no matter what topic you are tackling- with original and relevant content for your target audience. Promote your content through social networks, with links to your site to generate traffic. Commercialize advertising spaces for companies interested in the segment you are targeting and also insert contextual advertising in your blog, such as Google’s AdSense.

5. App design

Development of business apps for mobile devices. Create these custom programs for smartphones and tablets according to the requirements of the customers who request them, thinking about their potential for small and large companies. In the case of platforms such as Apple and Android, pay an annual subscription that entitles you to unlimited sales. It offers user manuals and support via social networks.

6. Youtube

According to the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI), in 2014 53.9 million users were reported in Mexico, with a growth of 5.3 % compared to the previous year. Also, the time of exposure to the Internet reached 6 hours 11 minutes daily.

The advice of Daniel Feixas, co-author of the book Cómo triunfar en Youtube, is that if you are interested in starting as a Youtuber, you should use Google AdSense. This is a Google tool that allows owners or operators to insert ads on their websites and thus obtain income.

Start by creating a Youtube account. You only need a Gmail account to sign up for the video platform. The advantage of Google’s tools is that they guide you step by step and in the language of your choice.

7. Commerce in social networks

Set up an online store on platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest for yourself or others. Display the product catalog and take advantage of social interaction and feedback from your customers to refine the offer. The users of the site will disseminate your articles and offers to the extent that they are relevant to them.

Use PayPal to collect and a courier company to send the goods to the buyer.

8. Online training and education

It offers a virtual teaching service. There are two possibilities: one is to allow users to suggest and vote for the course according to their interests. When there are enough requests, organize the course or workshop online. The other is to offer the possibility for users to launch a question that will be answered by an expert or to look for someone to train them; in this case there is a fee for intermediation.

9. Online Payment Methods

Launches an Internet payment platform for third parties. Develop the software that allows your clients -businesses or non-profit organizations- to receive payments or donations via credit and debit cards 24 hours a day. The available software must be secure and easy to implement. Your business consists of charging a commission for each transaction while allowing the end user to make the disbursement at no additional cost.

10. Social networks or niche expression forums

Launch a website for people to interact, relate and make friends with people who share a common interest. The goal is to promote a community of like-minded members. Choose a theme for your social network and provide it with features that allow users to create their profile, connect with other community members, and upload and share content. Your income will come from advertisers who want to reach your member base.

10 online business ideas from home